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Stella Lighting Founder and President Nathan Wiedenmann writes the following about the $100,000 pledge:

We had the opportunity to meet the Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA chapter [coordinator] of Project Linus Mrs. Jodene Cook at the 2012 Pacific Northwest Quilting Expo. It became instantly evident to me that Jodene had a servant’s heart, a gracious attitude and commitment to what she had a passion for. Needless to say, both Jodene and her cause quickly inspired me. Jodene and her team of volunteers, were sewing fabric scraps into quilt blocks, preparing them to be made into quilts for children. During the show we noticed how dark it was surrounding the sewing machines that were being used. We felt it was appropriate to drop off a few lights to provide some auxiliary illumination for the machines and the volunteers. Upon delivery and set up of the lights, I was met with outspoken appreciation. Upon the shows end, we had established a new friendship and foundation between the companies. Over the past couple years, our paths have crossed and my admiration for Jodene and Project Linus has grown.

As Stella Lighting continued to gain traction in the market place, and we explored ways to give something back to a community that had supported us so much, Jodene and Project Linus were the first organization that we reached out to.

In the end, I discussed my vision with my wife Stacy, our team at Stella Lighting and ultimately identified a couple of key things that we wanted to accomplish with the pledge. Below are the key elements:

  1. Provide cash to Project Linus
  2. Reach Project Linus at a “chapter level,” recognizing the efforts of those chapter coordinators and associated volunteers
  3. Promote the exposure of Project Linus National
  4. Expand the Stella Lighting brand

In the end, we commit to this pledge with great enthusiasm and passion for Project Linus, the work they do for children, and they volunteers whom make it all possible.

Respectfully submitted,

Nathan Wiedenmann
Stella Lighting Inc.

Stella Lighting $100,000 Pledge

Project Linus is very excited to announce our 2014 sponsorship from Stella Lighting, Inc, whose vision is to deliver exceptional lighting to people who need them.

During the year Stella Lighting has pledged to donate funds to help Project Linus fulfill its mission, along with great lighting products for use by our chapters. These much needed resources are broken down as follows:

Part One

Stella Lighting pledges $4.00 from every light sold in 2014. This will include sales from all sales outlets to include, but not limited to end users, authorized retailers, and distributors, as well as wholesale and retail trade shows. Cash payment will be made on a quarterly basis.
Quantity 5000pcs
$20,000 Cash Contribution

Part Two

The Stella team has designed a limited edition, blue lamp, to emulate the Project Linus brand. The Stella design team collaborated with both Project Linus and Peanuts Worldwide LLC to ensure the authenticity of the design. A limited run of two hundred and fifty (250) lamps will be produced, each numbered, logoed, packaged and delivered. One hundred dollars ($100) from each lamp will sent to Project Linus. Cash distributions will be made on a quarterly basis.
Quantity 250pcs
$25,000 Cash Contribution

Part Three

Stella Lighting will contribute one original Stella Lamp to each chapter coordinator throughout the United States. The per unit lamp allocation will be $189.00. This is the lowest price point that the Stella can be purchased anywhere. Allocation will be sent on a quarterly basis to a master list provided by Project Linus.
Quantity 300pcs
$56,700 Allocation
Total Estimated Financial Contribution $101,700